Project 03
University of technology Eindhoven
Project 3 was a design research project with an explorative mindset toward the future of mobility. During this project, we researched ways of creating shape-shifting materials in the context of the automotive industry. The reason for this research direction is the basis from which we started exploring. Which was market research. During research into groundbreaking new developments in the automotive industry. A future perspective was considered, to find out how to create shape-shifting materials that could more clearly indicate the intention of autonomous omnidirectional vehicles like those proposed by the new company called Zoox. instead of just using light color to indicate a change in direction. We proposed to make the car shift shape to more clearly indicate a change in direction. To show the possibility of parts of the car, like lights and bumper units changing shape, origami was posed as a possible solution.
• CAD modeling
• 3D printing innovation
• Ideation
• Folding structures research
• Origami research
Origami explorations
In the first stage of the hands-on research various origami shapes and structures were being explored.
3D printing innovation
After defining the concept of a shape shifting vehicle and exploring origami and other options as a solution, the focus for me became to find out if this would actually could be something which could be producable.
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