Project 02
University of technology Eindhoven
Project 2 was a project with a consulting mindset. Weekboek is the result of this project in cooperation with SWZ care center. This care center mainly took care of people with acquired brain injury at the time. During interviews conducted with the caregivers, but also two of the clients of SWZ care center The problem to solve was defined. The result of these interviews and many ideation sessions was Weekboek. A tangible day planner that would be used by people in the care center to keep track of their day and stay in touch with the care center even when at home. The idea evolved from the problems people with acquired brain injury experience with keeping the structure in their day. In this project, the focus lay more on exploring expertise areas which I had less experience with before this project. These expertise areas are user and society and business and entrepreneurship.
• User research
• Electronic realization
• Physical realization
Final version of Weekboek
Picture of the final version of Weekboek at the demo day. The final prototype consisted of a functional app displayed on a tablet but also a tactile user experience in the form of a book where the physical pages change the content the day planner displays.
Process pictures
The image below shows a picture taken at the SWZ day centre where multiple clients of SWZ were interviewed to ask them for input on the concept at the time.
Process pictures
After the demo day we decided to go on to create a functional prototype to be used for user research for SWZ. This was decided in cooperation with SWZ as an extracurricular activity. The images below show a this design and prototyping process.
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