student team
TUecomotive is a student team focused on creating sustainable solutions in the automotive industry. My role in the team in the seventh team of TUecomotive was a design engineering role as well as a design role. A big task I had in the team was to design the monocoque chassis along with the mechanical team. Working with such strict constraints and deadlines was a completely new experience for me and learned me a lot about the reality of creating something that needs to be structurally sufficient as well as meet all the constraints of the other components that need to meet up with the chassis as well. In my role in the design team, I was mainly responsible for designing the interior panels of the doors and doorhandles as well as a shared role of determining the overall design language of the car.
• CAD modeling
• Large scale 3d printing preparation
• Ideation
• exploritive sketching
• client meetings
Student team
Being part of a student team was a completely different experience than the other projects I was used to at industrial design. Being part of the design team inside a multidisciplinary team learned me a lot about the reality of projects and working inside a big project team. Especially when you have strict deadlines and a very bgi challenge.
Design engineering role
designing the monocoque chassis for TUecomotive along with the mechanical team showed me a side of an engineering project I would normally be not involved in as designer. Having to design with constraints in terms of material properties in combination with structural strength and taking loads into account was part of my interdisciplinary development at TUecomotive. Not only did it teach me hard skills likeadvanced CAD modeling but also a lot of experience in terms of cooperation within interdisciplinary teams.
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