Aesthetics of interaction
University of technology Eindhoven
Aesthetics of interaction is a course taught at the University of Eindhoven. Intending to ideate and user test using low-fidelity prototypes to get a better understanding of the interactions the user experiences with a product without having to create a fully functional prototype. The course forces you to rapidly decide the important interactions you want to test and to figure out the minimum realization you need to make to get the answers you need about user interaction. This page shows the result of the final exercise. The idea was to present an alarm clock concept where if you go to sleep, your phone also goes to “bed”. Your phone, like you gets covered. The phone in this aesthetic under this flowerlike clock with 12 leaves which you can use to set the alarm. Until the alarm goes off the cover will stay closed. In the morning, you will wake up by the purring of the motors moving the clock. After this you will gently stroke the clock to open up and wake up your phone.
• CAD modeling
• Low fidelity prototyping
• Ideation
Final prototype
The pictures below show the final prototype of the alarm clock.
Presentation video
The video shows the prototype in a real world scenario.
This is just a sidequest you had to hide text as easter eggs which looks like a line